This applies to parking within Rope Quays, Mumby Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1EN/1EQ

Parking is categorised into the following:

  1. Resident Designated Bay – Parking Permits
  2. Visitor Parking Permit
  3. Disabled Person Bay
  4. Deliveries and Unloading
  5. Contractor Parking Permits

1.   Resident Designated Bay

  1. Vehicles must be roadworthy (i.e have valid tax and MOT).
  2. No commercial vehicles over 1500kg are allowed at any time.

Excluded from monitoring.  In the event of a vehicle being parked in your space contact Parker Torrington by either telephone on 023 9258 3719 or by email: [email protected]. During office hours this will be answered where possible.  Otherwise and for all calls outside of office hours, a voicemail message can be left stating

– the site (Rope Quays)
– the bay number
– the registration number of the offending vehicle.

Please note that a response to all call-outs cannot be guaranteed.

2.   Visitor Parking Permits

All residents also receive a single Visitor Parking Permit marked with the apartment number.

  1. The allowance is one visit up to a maximum of 48 hours with no return to any space on the development within 4 days. (For example, this means even if you park for just 1 hour you cannot return for another 4 days. There are signs adjacent the bays confirming this).
  2. Residents own cars may not be parked in a visitor’s space.
  3. Visitor Parking Permits must be clearly displayed on the dashboard.
  4. This entitles the visitor to park in a Visitor Bay.
  5. A 30-minute maximum stay will apply to private visitors without parking permits but only those correctly parked in the visitor spaces.
  6. Residents may park a second car in their own numbered bay.
  7. Replacement Visitor Permits must be ordered from the PTL Office and will be chargeable. Only supplied if original lost or damaged.
  8. Visitor parking permits are issued subject to being used correctly and in accordance with the parking terms and conditions. Persistent infringement of the visitor parking rules will result in the visitor permit concerned being withdrawn. Additionally Horizon Parking will be informed that the permit in question is no longer valid and will regard any vehicle displaying it as being parked without authority.


3.   Disabled Person Bay (located outside Sanderling Lodge 3)

  1. This entitles a Disabled Visitor or Disabled Resident only to use the designated Disabled Person Bay.
  2. Vehicles parked in this bay must display a Visitor or Resident permit as well as their own blue badge.
  3. This is for short periods only and must not be used instead of their own designated space.


4.   Deliveries and Unloading 

  1. Deliveries:  ‘liveried’ vehicles are allowed to park anywhere on site, other than in the numbered spaces, for a maximum of 30 minutes each day to enable the unloading of vehicles and delivery of goods to take place.
  2. Unloading:  where residents need to temporarily park adjacent the entrances to the blocks for the purpose of loading/unloading and assisting frail elderly/disabled passengers there is a maximum of 15 minutes, which will be strictly enforced, for all cars displaying a permit.
  3. Vehicles parked in undesignated parking areas will be fined.


5.   Contractor Parking Permits 

Residents are reminded that when they know in advance that they have a contractor visiting their property then a ‘Contractor Parking Permit’ can be collected from our offices for display and return.

  1. Residents are reminded that when they know in advance that they have a contractor visiting their property then a ‘Contractor Parking Permit’ can be collected from our offices for display and return.
  2. A Contractor pass entitles the contractor to park in the designated Contractor Parking area adjacent the front entrances to Sanderling Lodge 1 and 2 between the hours of 8am and 11pm only, and can be used on consecutive days should the work require it.